Fundraiser with Mentee Macie Collier

Fundraiser with Kelly’s Mentee, Macie Collier

mage of three collage style photos of Macie. Macie is a 15 year old White young woman with below-shoulder length brown hair. Text in a  search engine style graphic at the top left of the image says "How to donate to a good cause?" With the Kelly's Kitchen at the top left corner.

Kelly with Kelly’s Kitchen has been working with Disability EmpoweHer Camp mentee, Macie Collier throughout the year as a mentor. Macie attended the one-week Disability EmpowHer Camp in the Adirondacks last summer. Part of this mentorship experience is fundraising for the upcoming trip to Washington, DC for previous camp attendees to meet back up and continue to build on self-advocacy skills. Macie is a young woman who lives in Greensboro, NC and has a vested interested in food equity, food access, and emergency preparedness. Kelly and Macie have been working on an accessible flood preparedness document for individuals with disabilities, specifically individuals with visual disabilities.


Kelly and Macie are currently tied for FIRST PLACE as the top fundraising team! Donations will be accepted through June 15th and we need YOUR help to finish out the next three weeks on a high note.


To donate, visit the following link:


Every donation, no matter the size, is helpful and will reinforce that the work Macie has been putting into her disability pride, self-advocacy skills, and advocacy skills for others with disabilities is important and valuable!

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