Food Safety Tips

With September being National Food Safety Education month, we thought it would be best to give some tips and tricks to help you and your food stay safe. You can also put these tricks into practice when you make some of the recipes in some of our other blogs! 


Tip 1: The FDA says that you should always wash your hands, food, counters, and cooking tools to stop the bacteria from other foods to spread. (Tip: do not wash meat – the splashes from water can make bacteria go everywhere.)


Tip 2: Don’t cross-contaminate! Food like raw poultry, meat, seafood, and eggs tends to spread germs to food that is already prepared unless you keep them separate. You can do this when you’re going grocery shopping by keeping the raw meat away from the other foods, as well as using different cutting boards for meat and a different cutting board for fruits and vegetables.


Tip 3: When refrigerating foods that are perishable, always refrigerate them within 2 hours to keep them from going bad.




Written by Lily Wells

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