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Veggies to Table Veggie Farmer

Company: Veggies to Table

Hourly Rate: $ Location: Damariscotta Lake, Maine



Veggies to Table seeks a passionate and energetic veggie farmer to work in conjunction with a farm manager, crew, the founders of Veggies to Table, and a lot of motivated volunteers and WWOOFers of all ages. We are in search of someone committed to non-profit work, our mission, and organic, no-till, no-spray farming. We seek someone who is excited to work on our acre and a half of diversified vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs, and a small orchard.

Our ideal candidate has experience with organic no-till practices, volunteer management, and flowers, and is excited to build not only our farm but community connections. They love people and share their love of fresh, nutritious produce and joyful flowers.


Ideal Qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 years organic farming, ideally no-till

  • Experience and knowledge of fruit, vegetable, flower, and herb production from seed to table/bouquet

Ideal Candidate

Desired Qualities:

  • Organized

  • Curious

  • Proactive

  • Excellent Communication skills

  • Collaborative

  • Interested in building community

  • Reliable

  • A Multitasker

  • A team player who is also able to work independently

  • Attention to detail

 Desired Qualifications & Experiences:

  • A willingness and ability to work outdoors in all types of weather, under potentially strenuous conditions. — heat, rain, sun, wind, and cold—preparedness and a positive attitude are essential for success.

  • A detail-oriented approach, with considerable attention to order, and cleanliness,

  • An ongoing commitment to improving systems and practices.

  • Timely email and/or phone communication

  • Knowledge of Word and Excel is a plus.

  • A strong desire to produce food of the highest nutritional, culinary, and ecological quality, and

  • Desire to continue to learn and grow as a person and farmer.  We will encourage and support personal development and growth at Veggies to Table through classes, online resources, and mentors.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills. There is always a mix of local volunteers, WWOOFers, students, and volunteers on the farm daily.

More information:

  • There is always a lot to do on the farm. Being able to transition between different tasks easily is important

  • Having vision and common sense to deal with whatever comes along in a calm manner is key.

  • An ability to notice what might need to be done, communicate that, and shift when needed (things change all the time on a farm) is essential.

  • We work hard and with enthusiasm. We adore what we do and want you to adore it as much as we do. Being around a crew of equally enthused lovers of food and beauty invigorates us.

How to Apply


  • You are feeding those in need in your community

  • Fresh organic produce, eggs, and flowers!

  • Helping to feed those in need

  • Location a mile from Damariscotta Lake and a mile from the ocean

  • Fresh air and a safe work environment

  • A wonderful community

  • You are part of the solution

Applicants should be hard-working, enthusiastic, and reliable —able to work for long days in all weather conditions. Farm work is fast-paced and rewarding but also physically demanding.

This position is for the 2024 farm season; exact start and end dates can be flexible but would generally be from April – November. Year round positions may be possible.


For more information please contact Erica at erica@veggiestotable.org or + 1 207-253-9803