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Stewards Unlimited: Farm Resource Steward


Company: Stewards Unlimited

Hourly Rate: $30 Location: Remote Apply By: 03/01/2024


The Farmer Resource Steward will work with the Stewards Unlimited team to support a
growing client base to identify, apply, and manage grant funding from a variety of sources.

This position relies heavily on writing, project management, and coordination, requiring
someone who can communicate effectively on video calls and documents.

Primary responsibilities will include writing and managing grant applications, managing client accounts over time, and supporting administrative work at the organizational level.
Stewards Unlimited believes that work should be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding – we want you to be doing things you are passionate about.
Are you passionate about supporting small farms across the US? We are willing to train the right person into the role.
About Stewards Unlimited
Stewards Unlimited is a business development consultancy which specializes in USDA grant
writing. SU works with individuals and organizations across the US and internationally to
research opportunities, develop strategic project plans, and secure funding through proposal development. SU works with a wide range of non- and for-profit businesses to secure
funding and contracts from both public and private sources, specializing in working with agriculture, environmental technology, business/workforce development, and youth
Our biggest passion is working with farmers to increase their profitability and ability to
access new markets. We want to be stewards, taking what they have built and leveraging it to create new growth. A steward takes on ownership of work and treats each resource as if it were their own to be invested wisely. As stewards, we seek to be helpful, trustworthy, and competent in every interaction with clients.


Job Responsibilities

Support Agricultural Grant Application Development (40%) –

Work closely with
Stewards Unlimited team members and clients to identify, track, and apply to funding
● Assisting in grant prospect research
○ Interview clients across specific organizational characteristics to understand
○ Research county, state, and federal opportunities available to clients.
○ Complete a research list which includes information on each opportunity.
● Managing grant application submissions
○ Review grant documents to pull out relevant information into an opportunity
○ Develop templates for all submission documents.
○ Work with Stewards Unlimited leadership and clients to draft out an outline for
section responses.
○ Use current client resources and internet research to fill in additional detail.
○ Identify areas where outside information or additional support is required.
○ Draft supplemental documents such as letters of support.
● Coordinating clients and Stewards Unlimited team members to create a submission
period timeline and manage the client throughout the application process.

Manage Client Farm Stewardship (40%) –

Work with Steward Unlimited retainer clients
to build organizational capacity to win funding over time.
● Providing client relationship management on a continuous basis
○ Develop monthly reports for clients on past and future activities.
○ Communicate with clients and Stewards Unlimited leadership team

● Developing and maintaining organizational content libraries
○ Review and organize current libraries of content used for client grant
○ Identify gaps or potential areas to streamline content.
○ Maintain content library documents over time and integrate new information
as it becomes available.
● Managing a grant calendar for clients
○ Monitor potential donors for relevant funding opportunities.
○ Update client list to track important information about grant opportunities
over time.

● Providing ongoing support for new opportunities
○ Write and edit proposal narratives using the content library and Stewards
Unlimited team support.
○ Lead farm proposal development through project management
○ Engage stakeholders in project design.
● Assisting with grant management

○ Working with Stewards Unlimited leadership and clients to identify key
performance indicators and data which must be tracked for awarded grants.
○ Serving as a liaison with donors and clients to ensure reporting requirements
are understood.
○ Assist in the preparation of reports.

Liaise for Stewards Unlimited Business Development (20%) –

Serve as a liaison
between new and existing Stewards Unlimited clients and the broader Stewards Unlimited team.
● Maintaining a “Zero inbox” on a weekly basis
● Engaging with current clients:
○ Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with existing clients, serving as
their primary point of contact for inquiries, concerns, and requests.
○ Conduct professional and attentive follow-up communication with clients
through phone calls, emails, and other channels to address their needs and
provide exceptional customer service.
○ Collaborate with sales and account management teams to stay updated on
client interactions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date client records.

● Responding to new service inquiries:
○ Craft persuasive and personalized follow-up emails to potential clients,
highlighting our products/services’ benefits and value propositions.
○ Tailor email content to different target segments, utilizing a customer-centric
approach to nurture interest and drive conversations.
○ Collaborate with the marketing team to align email campaigns with sales
strategies and maintain consistent messaging.

● Scheduling meetings and coordinating:
○ Effectively manage team members’ calendars, scheduling meetings,
appointments, and follow-ups with prospective clients and internal
○ Coordinate with various teams to optimize meeting schedules, considering
time zones, availability, and urgency.
○ Send meeting invitations, reminders, and pertinent documents to participants,
ensuring smooth coordination and preparation.

Additional Responsibilities based on skills and interest –

Additional tasks as necessary

Ideal Candidate

Required Skills/Traits

Passion for Agriculture
● Excitement at the prospect of working with Stewards Unlimited clients
○ Producers – The majority of producers we work with are small family farms
who practice regenerative methods and sell direct-to-consumer.
○ Processors and Aggregators – Meat processors, cleaning facilities, copackers,
○ Technical Service Providers – Nonprofit organizations, business development
firms, etc.
○ Researchers – Small business researchers, Universities, etc.
● Understanding of the challenges faced by small farmers and the desire to use our platform as a way to improve the sustainability of their businesses.

Writing Skills
● 2 years experience writing grants, business documents, or similarly structured
○ Grants and business documents have a logical flow, an authoritative voice,
and a sales-y undertone.
○ Writing must be succinct. No AI fluff.
● Ability to understand and write agricultural and business ideas
○ Many ag grants are for small businesses, which means there is often discussion about the economic impact of the project.
○ Although the applicant would not need to create this content on their own, they would need to understand it well enough to edit and integrate it into the
rest of the document.

● Ability to draft outlines based on discussion
○ Stewards Unlimited leadership, the applicant, and the client will talk through
project design and arrive at a proposed project scope of work and budget.
○ The applicant must be able to take what was discussed and put it into a
logical outline/summary for the project.

● Ability to draw from resources, tailor them to a different scenario, and polish final submission documents
○ Stewards Unlimited develops libraries of content for each client which can then be repurposed for new applications.
○ The applicant must be able to understand the libraries and quickly draw information from them to complete new applications.

○ The applicant is responsible for polishing the submission document to ensure it is grammatically correct, error free, and consistent.

Management and Coordination Skills
● 2 years experience coordinating projects or teams in a similar context.
○ While clients want our work done, they hire us to remove the responsibilities of managing applications on top of a full-time workload.
○ We are responsible for managing their time well to complete applications in a
timely manner.

● Takes and maintains responsibility for the completion of tasks.
○ Good communication skills and ability to excel in a team work environment.
○ Organizational skills which support tracking many small details over time.
○ Ability to “own” tasks and continue to follow up with others until they are
○ Ability to articulate challenges to Stewards Unlimited leadership in order to improve systems and processes over time.
● Ability to be assertive without causing conflict.
○ Communicate proactively with clients to set expectations.
○ Be politely persistent with clients to ensure they are completing their tasks in
a timely manner.

Working Style
● Positive attitude and desire to meet high expectations.
● Adaptable attitude to respond to changing circumstances and expectations.
● Willingness and aptitude to learn.
● Communication skills appropriate in a 100% remote environment.
● Excellent customer service, communication, and problem-solving skills.
● Experience with Streak software preferred.
● Hands-on experience and/or network connections to agricultural and food system
organizations would be a plus.
● Desire and ability to be helpful, trustworthy, and competent in every interaction with clients.

How to Apply

40 hours per week, should be available for calls during regular EST working hours,
but otherwise timing is flexible.

Job Point of Contact:

Reach out to Stephen Ussery at stephen@stewardsunlimited.com