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Savanna Institute: Demonstration and Partner Farm Coordinator (WI)


Company: Savanna Institute

Salary: $59000 / per year Location: Madison, WI Apply By: 03/31/2024


The Savanna Institute invites applications for a Demonstration and Partner Farm Coordinator to steward a network of Wisconsin farms practicing agroforestry, serving as demonstration and education sites to foster further adoption of agroforestry practices. This role will lead the emergent Wisconsin Demonstration and Partner Farm Program, which seeks to create regional, long-term farmer and landholder support and connection through agroforestry practices. This position will work to connect farms already practicing agroforestry or at the beginning stages of establishment utilizing NRCS Farm Bill programs. This is a new position within Savanna Institute and is designed to be dynamic, adaptable, and community-informed.
The Demonstration and Partner Farm Coordinator is a vital and valued member of the Demonstration and On-Farm Education Team, whose work focuses on in-person and on-farm agroforestry education, training, and demonstration. This position will also work with the Technical Service Provider Program, which provides one-on-one support to farmers and landholders seeking to plan, design, and establish agroforestry on their farmlands, as well as external partners like WI NRCS, the Agroforestry Coalition, and a mix of other local and regional partners.
  • This position provides travel support, including reimbursed mileage for personal vehicle use and meal per diems and lodging for overnight travel.
  • This position reports to the Director of Demonstration and On-Farm Education



Lead the creation of the Wisconsin Demonstration and Partner Farm Program in partnership with WI NRCS and agroforestry producers in the state (80%)
  • The Demonstration and Partner Farm Coordinator will lead: 
    • Creating and coordinating a network and community of practice among Wisconsin farmers and landholders practicing agroforestry via farmer outreach, farm visits, listening sessions, shared meals, community events, and online connection
    • Creating content for on-farm and in-person presentations, tours, workshops, field days, and trainings within the Wisconsin Demonstration and Partner Farm Network
    • Connecting NRCS staff and partner farm members via farm visits, trainings, community events, etc.
    • Connecting partner farm members and Savanna Institute’s staff, such as the Technical Service Providers
  • The Demonstration and Partner Farm Coordinator will assist with:
    • Agroforestry training for NRCS staff and other conservation and agricultural professionals
    • Developing partnerships that can support the Wisconsin Demonstration and Partner Farm Program and its participants
    • Creating and editing of public-facing educational and technical materials, interactive maps, and other resources
    • Serving as an agroforestry “generalist” and “cultural translator” to help farmers, landowners, and the public understand and become excited about the role agroforestry can play to strengthen their landscapes, economies, and communities
    • Representing Savanna Institute at on-farm and off-farm events
Additional work includes (20%): 
  • Supporting budgeting, financial and metric tracking, reporting, and other items required through partnerships and grant obligations
  • Assisting with grant writing and other fund development to support the work of Savanna Institute’s Agroforestry Adoption Team. Working in coordination with other staff on developing charitable, sponsor-based, and revenue-based financial support for these programs
  • Supporting collaborative work within the Demonstration and Education Team, including but not limited to: SI’s Agroforestry Apprenticeship Program, online education, train-the-trainer materials, land access, and SI’s Partner Farm Network
  • Participation in organization-wide activities, such as staff meetings, goal setting and planning, professional development, Equity and Justice education and training, and other Savanna Institute initiatives

Ideal Candidate


Required Qualifications
  • Public speaking experience
  • Strong interpersonal and writing skills
  • Experience with program management (meeting deadlines, timely communication, accurate reporting, task prioritization, etc.)
  • Background in agriculture (diverse and varied experience welcomed)
  • Experience working face-to-face with farmers, landholders, or other similar audiences through network building, community organizing, education, advisement, technical assistance or other similar channels
  • General understanding of USDA programs and agricultural and conservation resources
  • Willingness to work in a highly collaborative work environment
  • Commitment to building equitable and just agricultural systems
  • Residence in Madison, WI or the surrounding area
  • Proficiency with Google Suite
  • Access to personal phone/computer
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with perennial cropping systems, forestry, or agroforestry
  • Love having long conversations with farmers about their land, practices, goals, and dreams and walking the land
  • Don’t mind traveling often by car in rural areas
  • Like a balance of computer work, farm visits, event planning, and public speaking
  • Can track, collate, and dynamically share data and information
  • Don’t mind trying things out, even if they fail
  • Are okay with people disagreeing with you, especially around farming practices
  • Are open to and ready to do deep, personal work around diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Enjoy a good spreadsheet, task management program, or to-do list
  • Are comfortable fielding phone calls as well as sending and receiving emails
  • Find joy in hearing  people’s stories, building networks, and finding common ground
  • Okay with not always knowing the answer
  • Are excited about building a new program from the ground up
  • Find pride in being labeled a “generalist”
  • Feel comfortable getting a crowd’s attention
  • Are ready to dive in!

How to Apply

Link to Apply:



This position is eligible for the Institute’s benefits package. Benefits for full-time employees include 30 days paid time off per year, 3 weeks of paid family leave, a health reimbursement arrangement that can be applied to insurance premiums and approved healthcare costs, a 401(k) retirement savings plan, and a monthly home office stipend.

About Savanna Institute

Founded in 2013, the Savanna Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with farmers and scientists to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption in the Midwest US. Inspired by the native savanna ecosystems that once covered much of this region, the Savanna Institute conducts research, education, and outreach to support the growth of diverse, perennial agroecosystems.