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Black Farmers Collective: Development and Communications Manager

Company: Black Farmers Collective

Salary: $85000 / per year Location: Seattle, Washington Apply By: 03/15/2024


About The Black Farmers Collective (BFC)

BFC is a Black-Led grassroots farming non-profit organization growing a community of Black, other communities of color, and immigrant/refugee farmers currently operating small urban and peri urban farms. We are building a multi-faceted, Black-led food system, and creating space for Black liberation in healing and joy. These spaces serve to provide support to Black farmers who have experienced centuries of systemic racism, discrimination, and land dispossession. BFC is an inclusive organization with interest in working with folks of all identities, but prioritizes cultivating Black affinity spaces for and with the Black community. We are a 5 year old organization and we’re looking for someone to bring grassroots to a sustainable level.

BFC Goals

● Expand network of Black farmers and food system actors

● Increase the sustainability of BFC through internal operations, fundraising, and community partnerships

● Overall organizational expansion including land acquisition and increased staffing Operations Manager Position Summary

The Black Farmers Collective (BFC), is searching for a highly motivated Operations Manager who is passionate about food sovereignty, food justice, and working with the African Diaspora, various identities of Blackness, and our surrounding communities. The Operations Manager will evaluate, plan, organize, and manage BFC operations. They will provide leadership and coordination of general administration, accounting, budgeting, and planning of our continued development as an organization. The Operations Manager will report directly to the Managing Director and will work in collaboration with the managers of BFC’s 3 main projects: Yes Farm in Seattle, Small Axe Farm in Redmond, and the USDA grant, Leveling the Fields, in Western Washington.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


● Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal ordinances, regulations, and applicable laws; and, ensure employment practices and policies, including food safety and employee safety protocols are enforced and abided by

● Support the organization with short- and long-term strategic planning Processes

● Identify, diagnose, and improve ongoing operational gaps

● Develop standard operating procedures and formal action plans to resolve operational issues affecting the organization’s main projects and initiatives

● Develop staff & volunteer training materials as needed

● Develop and implement a safety and awareness plan on site for consultants, volunteers, and visitors including individual and group visits and tours.

● Enhance existing evaluation processes to meet the needs of BFC goals and funder requirements

● Collaborate with Farm Managers and manage operations of farm environment

● i.e. farm development, planting, irrigation, harvesting, and training to maximize

premium quality and yield of crop; effectiveness and efficiency of farm personnel, consultants, and volunteers.


● Create and enforce effective employer systems for topics such as hiring, onboarding process, employee retention, performance evaluations, and professional development opportunities for all employees

● Support all employees in maintain sustainable & healthy work-life balances


● In collaboration with BFC staff, pursue land acquisition and expansion opportunities


● Ensure that organization projects and initiatives meet the operating plan through the use of P/L reviews and quarterly business review

● Manage key financials of the organization operations and provides consistent financial advice to the Managing Director and BFC Board leadership

● Administrative management, grant compliance, working with bookkeeper and administrative staff

● Create annual operational budgets Required Qualifications and Skills:

● 2+ years in a nonprofit management or director level position

● Proficient understanding of financial statements

● Strong organizational, logistical, and project/program management skills

● Experienced in operational efficiency

● Strong analytical skills and strategic planning

● Experience data collecting and tracking

● Able to plan and facilitate meetings, trainings, and presentations

● Experience working independently and with a small team

● Strong oral and written communication skills, able and confident with media, programs, presentation and interviews

● Ability to provide and receive feedback and guidance in effective and professional ways to junior and senior members of the organization

● Health and safety knowledge and training skills

Ideal Candidate

Preferred Traits:

● A “start-up” / Social Enterprise mindset

● Authenticity

● Accountability

● Structured flexibility

● Community builder

● Communication (Check in, support, comm. style)

● Wellness Frame

How to Apply

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